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COVID is bitten in Israel, and tourism is coming back. And this gave e a great opportunity to make a tour of the Holy Tombs in Tiberias with a Traditional Women Club from the Southern Israel.

Tiberias stayed a predominantly Jewish town for about a thousand years after the Jerusalem Temple had been destroyed. Even, when the Arabs invaded Palestine in the 7th Century, they chosen Tiberias as their capital, because their relations with the Jews of Tiberias were much better than with the Orthodox Christians in Jerusalem.

Many of the Great Rabbis who has formed a present-day Judaism, used to live or to be buried in Tiberias. Among them the most famous rabbis of the 2nd Century CE Rabbi Akiva and Rabbi Meir, as well and the famous Jewish Religious Philosopher and Doctor, Maimonides.

Visiting their tombs and to pray there is one of the most exiting acts for all the religious Jews. But also for the non-Jews and the non-religeous Jewish people this is the most interesting travel which permits an insight into the centuries' old Jewish tradition.

And the unique beauty of the Tiberias city and the neighboring Lake of Galilee both make this tour even more exciting.

Tombs of Rabbi Akiva, Rabbi Meir and Maimonides in Tiberias

Enjoying sailing the Sea of Galilee

Great Company and lots of fun

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