Where do you pick up and drop off the guests?

Each tours indicates if we pick up and drop off our guests in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv or both.

Can the tours be customized?

Yes, every tour can be customized, free of charge or for an additional payment, changes dependent.

Is it possible to add extra people or the maximum size is 4?

Extra people can be added for an extra price. In this case we send a mini-van (up to 7 people) or a mini-bus (up to 14 people), with a professional driver, for an extra price.

When do tours start?

Either at 8:00 or at 9:00 AM, tour dependent.

Is it possible to choose a different time?

Yes, these are private tours, and different pick up time might be coordinated.

Can you built up a fully custom tour, for a day or several days?

Indeed, this is possible, and we are always open for our customers ideas and suggestions.

How can we pay for a tour?

We accept an advance payment with major Credit Cards (Visa, Amex and MasterCard) or PayPal.

Can we pay cash when we meet?

No, regretfully, this is not an option.

Are the entrance fees included?

No you will have to pay your entrance fees at each paid site.

How can we have a lunch if we want one?

You are welcome to inform us that you are interested in a lunch and we'll take care to arrange you one, at your cost.