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Field-Mareshal Allenby, the Lord of Armageddon

31 October 1917 the Mounted Infantry Corps of the Australians and the New Zealandians (ANZAC) captured town of Be'er Sheva. They did something what had considered impossible, riding directly against Turkish and German cannons and machine-guns. Just two days later, together with the British Army, they took over Gaza, opening the road to Jerusalem.

Jerusalem was taken on December 9 1917, and that symbolized the end of the 400 years of the Turkish rule in Palestine.

These events are considered as crucial historical chapter in the Australian history, and is celebrated yearly.

Israel pays a deep respect to those who had made the efforts and, often, lost the life to shape the Holy Land and, through that, to make the creation of Modern Israel possible.

And for those Australians whose ancestors fought in Palestine, visiting of the ANZAC Memorial sites is always exciting.

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