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Galilee is a pearl of a natural beauty as much as it is a heart of both Christianity and Judaism.

Views of Galilee from the City Safed
Views of Galilee from Safed

It nature combines high mountains, dense forests, small rivers and big lakes.

Its history dates thousands years, and this is here where Kabala mystics was born 2,000 years ago, and is still fully alive.

This is Galilee, where the basics of the Rabbinic Judaism, the Talmud where laid.

Baptism at Jordan River
Baptism Ceremony at Jordan River

Prayers at the Old Synagogue at Rosh Pina

This is Galilee, where Jesus teaches and makes miracles, healing the ill and reviving the dead.

Mountains and Forests of the Galilee

And, indeed, this is also Galilee, where the last Battle of Humanity, Armageddon, will take place.

View of the Arageddon Valley
Views of the Armageddon Valley

Safed and Capernaum, Magdala and Tiberias, Mount Meron and Mount Tabor, Lake of Galilee and Jordan River - there is not, possibly, a person on the whole Globe who haven't heard these names. And all these places are standing side by side at a small Northern corner of the small Israel. Amazing, isn't it?

Hasidic Music players
Playing Hasidic Music at Safed

Want to see all that? It's easy - just join one of our Galilee tours

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