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TZIPORI today is a National Archaeological Park hidden among the hills of Upper Galilee. But 1800 years ago it was a big Jewish town flourishing under the Roman rule and enjoying unusual favors. Most of Judea was destroyed in a series of uprisings and failed wars of Jewish independence, but Tzipori stood aside and enjoyed prosperity at the worst times of disaster. And even the Emperor himself took a special care to provide the town with the special privileges, due to his friendship with the famous Rabbi Yehuda Ha Nasi.

Although this was a city of the great religious teachers, a place where a core book of Talmud, Mishnah, was finished, its inhabitants were open-minded and enjoyed both the Jewish faith and traditions and the glory of the best of the Roman Art. And as a result of this mixture of two different cultures, the well preserved Mosaics of Tzipori are counted among the World Heritage Sites of UNESCO.

Even Tzipori' synagogue is decorated with the colorful mosaics, showing Biblical heroes and most popular scenes of the Biblical history. At those distant times, as it looks like, the religion and the art could coexist freely and managed to create a harmony which we enjoy till these very days…

Tzipori mosaics are famous worldwide. But one is even more special than the rest – this is Mona Lisa of Tzipori, depicting a fascinatingly beautiful face of a young girl. But even this is far from being all. In Tzipori you can find mosaics of the hunting scenes and the Amazonas racing on their horses, scenes of the Roman feasts and all kind of animal and birds.

And like every respectful Judeo-Roman city, Tzipori has a well preserved theater and a fascinating underground water supply system. All these are well preserved and look like the city has just been abandoned by its inhabitants.

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