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Finally after long weeks, the movement limitations are almost over. We don't need anymore to count 100 m circling around the building, or to push the poor dog to run permitted 500!

We are almost free to move now, and I've used this first opportunity to take a bike and to cycle around Tel Aviv Central Park - Ha Yarkon.

The park is tremendously beautiful around the year. It is built along two rivers flowing from the east - Yarkon and Ayalon. The rivers meet in the middle of the park and continue together as Yarkon river further to the Mediterranean Sea.

When the life is normal, over 16 million people visit this park yearly. But now,, after two months when the park was closed, people just start probing the freedom.

The access to the park is easy, and big parking lots are built long all the park length, which is close to 20 km. And nothing is easier than to park at one of these parking slots, to take a bike from the car trunk and to start pedaling.

There are a beautiful artificial lake in the middle of the park, and a Stone Garden, the biggest in the World, and also huge birds park and several open area zoos. At every corner there playgrounds for the kinds, and there is also a huge balloon which will take you up the skies to enjoy the views.

All these are still closed, awaiting the official end of the virus, but after the park has been opened this week, nothing is more enjoyable than to walk there, or, like myself, to take a bike.

I leave the rest to the pictures are let them talk for themselves!

Mouth of Yarkon River

Enjoying the biking

Yarkon Park views

Open air zoos in the Park

Green forest and metropolis together

I've been waiting for this for a long time!

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