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The Negev is a fascinating place, full of natural beauty and history. Visit just two of them:

Negev Landscape

- Tel Arad, a World Heritage Site, which combines a pre-historical town, dating over 5,000 years ago and still surrounded with the Cyclopic walls and towers, and a 3,000 Judaic citadel, with perfectly well-preserved fortifications, a water supply system, and a Jewish Temple which had existed in parallel with that of Jerusalem.

Two ancient towns of Tel Arad - 5,000 and 3,000 years ago

- And the second, not less surprising place is an ancient Jewish village of Susia (today in Palestine), which continued to exist for 1,000 years after the Jerusalem Temple was destroyed. A beautiful synagogue dating 5-7 Centuries CE, still stands in the middle of the village, where people moved to live in the artificial caves!

Ancient Susia

And moreover, even 500 years after the village was abandoned, back in the XV Century, the Jews who lived a Bedouin life still could be found around Susia.

Two villages - a Jewish and the Palestinian one, both called Susia, stand nearby, in a continuation of the ancient tradition. And at a short distance from there stands city of Hebron - the burial place of the Patriarchs.

Around Susia

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