Holy Land, Promised Land, Palestine, Land of God – so many names for the one country. The country, which is so small, that no one could find it at the World Map. And so great, that billions of people around the Globe dream about it.

This is a cradle of the three World Religions. Judaism, Christianity and Islam are still fighting all over the Globe for the dominancy, for the right to tell the others how wrong they are. And only at the Center of the World, like at the Eye or the Hurricane, it is so quiet.

You should only walk Jerusalem Old City Streets these days. Jerusalem, or "El Quds", the Holy City, as the Moslems call it, brings together these days, on Fridays, hundreds of thousands – 200,000 Moslems join Ramadan Friday prayers at the El Haram El Sharif – the Temple Mount; Devoted Christians carry wooden crosses up the Cross Way – Via Dolorosa; dozens of thousands of the Orthodox Jews hurry for their Shabbat prayers to the Western Wall; and hundreds of thousands of tourists from all over the World walk between the Holy Places and electrified believers.

And all that goes on in a perfect order no pushes, no curses, no naked hate in the people's eyes. The Holy Land, the Promised Land, belongs to everyone, and we still hope that our example will help the others… We do Hope!



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