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Israel's winemaking history goes back to 3000 BC, and today there are more than 300 wineries - from those producing millions of bottles yearly, to the boutiques making just few thousand. Exports of Israeli wines continue steadily growing year after year.

It is a vibrant and highly successful industry with a variety and quality that will surprise those who have not visited Israel recently.

Israel is a small but a very diversive country, surrounded by the seas and crossed by the mountains. Summers in Israel are hot, while the winters are cold and rainy. This diversity creates different terroirs and permits to grow a wide range of grapes in different parts of the country. Roughly, there are three completely different wine production areas in Israel. Each of them deserves a separate visit.

The day spent visiting different wineries at the Carmel Mountain Ridge in the Center of the country is marvellous and full of joy.

This is a day to visit three different wineries to taste wine and meet the winery owners and winemakers. This is the best way to learn about winemaking methods and the Central region's winemaking history. Meet winemakers and winery owners to learn about their unique wines as you taste them.

Visit Tishbi Winery. The Tishbi Winery, located in Binyamina, is Israel's sixth largest with production of about 1 million bottles of wine annually. Its wines are sold in 25 countries. The Tishbi family was commissioned by Baron Edmond de Rothschild to plant the first modern vineyard in Israel. A new and exciting Visitors Center at Tishbi Winery – offering quality gourmet chocolate and wine tasting. The connection between chocolate and wine begins with nature: the mutual source of both of these products brings them together in perfect harmony.

Visit Carmel Winery This historical winery has opened its doors to the public, presenting its fascinating story, from the onset of Israel’s wine industry, up to the new world of wine today. The integration of the “Old World” and “New World” methods of winemaking is the unique magic of the winery. Visitors will be able to observe the chain of wine production from a historical perspective – from the beginning of settlement in Israel, and its close connection to the Israeli wine industry, up to the revolution in Israeli wines which is happening today.

Visit Amphorae Winery The Winery, which produces about 65,000 bottles of wine a year, was established in 2000 by Gil Shatsberg (now the vintner at Recanati) and Guy Rylov. Although it has gone through quite a few upheavals for such a young winery, in recent years it has developed a stable persona and style and nurtured a good relationship with its employees — all important factors for a winery’s success. Amphorae Winery is situated in an impressive stone building standing in the entrance to a valley of the Carmel Mountain Ridge. The Italian farm house styled winery within its lovely surroundings reminds you of Tuscany. The winery is led by an experienced team advised by world known winemaker Michel Rolland and is equipped with modern producing facilities and produces world class wines.

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