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Whenever something good happens for the first time, we call it "Iftah" - blessed beginning. And this what has just happened - after over a year, my first tourist came.

We made a fascinating tour to Bethlehem, and it turned out that i was the first Israeli guide there from the Spring 2020.


We continued to Jerusalem to visit the Last Supper (Upper) Room and King David Tomb at the Mount Zion. From there, we continued walking along the Roman street Cardo and further on - through the streets and alleys of the Arab Suk ("The Market"). And further on we drove to the top of the Mount of Olives to enjoy the breathtaking views of the Old City from there.

Jerusalem Mount Zion

We continued through the Judean Desert to the Jordan River, to Kasr El Yahud ("The Jewish Palace") which is the place were people believe Jesus was baptized by Joh the Baptist.

Kasr El Yahud

And finally, we travelled to the Dead Sea Resort, Kalia, where my happy guest enjoyed immersing into the healing waters of the Dead Sea.

Dead Sea Resort Kalia

It was a great day for my guest, who wrote at TripAdvisor: "All day long I enjoyed a perfect organization of this tour and a lot of interesting information was provided for all locations we visited. Levi did really a great job to show me this amazing country! And the best: we had so much fun and good talks. I really appreciate his flexibility for a personalized trip. Levi, you can be sure you created unforgettable and true memories!"

And it was a great day for me, as nothing might be more pleasant than making our guests happy when traveling the Holy Land.

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