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Even I, a tourist guide, am often surprised how beautiful Israel is, and how different it might be, from one place to another. It's a small country, when you look at the map. But, when you cover hundreds of miles daily, travelling with the tourists, you realize that this country' tiny size is misleading.

The views and the landscapes change constantly, and it might be enough to drive few dozens miles in any direction, to find out the landscapes belonging to absolutely different places. In just one day you can see snow and windy mountain and enjoy flourishing carpets of flowers, to climb a stony desert and to cross noisy cold rivers.

All that creates an unprecedentedly enjoyable travel not only for the excited tourists but also for their not less excited tourist guide!

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Masada and the Dead Sea

Dan River - the source of Jordan

Peacock at Capernaum

Carpets of the red Flowers at the Armageddon Valley

Mass at the Church of Agony at Gethsemane Garden

Black Stork flying over the Hula Lake

Churches at Kfar Kana - the place of the First Miracle of Jesus


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