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Israeli wines are considered among the best in the world, but not many people know about that. Our wine production traces some 4,000 years back, and already in the 5 century AD more than 5,000,000 bottles of the best local wine were exported to Rome.

Today, inspired by tradition, driven by innovation, a new generation of Israeli winemakers are combining global training with creativity and viticultural expertise.

And still, although we have over 300 wineries in Israel, most of them produce only few dozens of thousands bottles yearly. And this is why, to enjoy our wines, one has to come toa winery and to taste and to buy the wines "at the spot".

Israeli Wine Areas Map

And this has made me to create four different wine tours - to the Galilee, at North of Israel, to the carmel Mountains at the Center of the country, to Jerusalem Hills,and to the South - to Negev.

The climate at each of these areas is different one from another dramatically. And also the terrain, as well. This extraordinary climatic and topographical diversity, with a variety of soils, elevations, and growing conditions allow for the cultivation of dozens of grape varieties, both international and local. This all is supported by the Israel’s world most advanced agricultural and water management technology.

When you take one of our wine tours, we always visit three very different wineries in the same area. You taste 4 to 5 different varieties of the local wines at each, followed by the best local cheeses and home-made breads. Combined with the breathtaking scenery, each of our wine tours create an unforgettable atmosphere of happiness and great excitement.

We are looking forward to make a wine tour for each of our guests!

Vineyards, Vines and Winemaker

Wine aging in oak barrels

Happy wine tasting

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