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Pandemic is not only a challenge, it might also become a great opportunity indeed. Here in Israel, lots of new ideas have been developed which permit people to continue enjoying life, in spite of the repeated lockdowns. And similarly, the Pandemic has given us a precious time needed to upgrade and update our site, making browsing and booking easy as it has never been before.

Moreover, we constantly, upload all the new and relevant information at our site. As an example, this latest update permits our visitors to preview and also order Levi Zelkind's two books written in the last year.

Today's figures show that over 1.8 millions of the Israelis have already received the vaccination. This is the highest relative figure in the world, equivalent to the vaccination of over 58 millions Americans. We schedule to finish the vaccination of the total population in March. This actually means that by that time all the restrictions of visiting Israel will be lifted, provided only that the visitor would be tested and found negative before boarding the plane.

We are positive now that this 2021 will become a year of freedom of visiting Israel and are looking forward to meet our guests here. And, indeed, all the measures will be taken to keep our guests safe and happy. You all deserve it after a year of Pandemic!

Meanwhile, just have a look what we have to offer in Israel:

And, indeed, enjoy reading our books about this great country:

We are looking forward to meet you in Israel really soon!


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