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One of the most beautiful statues at Nazareth shows the Holy Family with Joseph holding his walking stick. And this dry stick unexpectedly blossoms with the most beautiful flowers. The story of this surprising statue traces to the early Christian times and tells us how Joseph asked the rabbis advice for the marriage, and the rabbis told him that the Lord will show his way. And so, one day Joseph met Mary walking the streets of Nazareth, and his dry stick got back to life, and the most beautiful white flowers blossomed at the top of it. That was the best sign, indeed.

Holy Family and the blossoming walking stick

Through the ages Gardens planted with flowers have been associated with the Virgin Mary. Flowers, especially their blossoms, served as symbols of everything that was pure and holy, as found in Christ and his Virgin Mother.

Mary's flowers in the Art: Botticelli, Tiepolo and Le Sueur

Legends regarding many of these flowers abound in Christian folklore. For instance, it is related that the Star-of-Bethlehem, which appeared on the night of Jesus’s birth. According to the legend, this star that led the three wise men to Bethlehem, eventually bursted into thousands of fragments which fell to the ground and transformed into most beautiful flowers.

Another legend relates that the Christmas rose miraculously appeared when an angel's wings swept the ground in order to provide a gift for Mary who was weeping because she had no gifts beside those brought by the shepherds to the manger at Bethlehem.

And this is how the most beautiful flowers of Galilee – the roses and the lilies, are associated with Virgin Mary in the Christian tradition.

Mary's flowers of Galilee - the Lily and the Rose

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