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Social distancing has left many feeling a little "seek at home". In terms of entertainment, it also probably means you’re in for repeated waves of boredom, and a somehow unpleasant anticipation that this year "is being wasted".

Bored at home

Luckily, there's more than one way to change that and to start being active while staying indoors. Instead of bringing best of Netflix serials, for the tenth time, there is a great way to broaden your horizons with virtual tours.

Virtual travel experiences are seeing an overgrowing surge in popularity. There are already many options of different virtual tours of Israel, all online and interactive. All you need to make them' is your Laptop, Tablet or Mobile Phone, equipped with ZOOM application.

Our virtual online tours (Zelkind Bible Land Tours) are all live. It has became obvious for us that virtual tour would be much better if it was live (instead of a snapshot in time), and not just through a static webcam but via an actual professional tour guide equipped with a wearable camera with a stabilizing Gimbal. This creates a great opportunity for our guests to become really mobile and to permit our viewers to personalize the experience and to make it fully dynamic and interactive. So we decided to build several interactive live tours to enable this.

Our virtual "Exploring the Old Jaffa" and "Americans in Jaffa" live tours are already on the air and fully available for booking at our site. Taking these tours with us will bring you directly into the streets of Jaffa. You will touch the beauty and the history, walking through Jaffa with us, in real time. And surely we can stop at any location you wish and to talk more, exchange opinions, asking and answering your questions, before we continue. This is like taking a "no time" flight to Tel Aviv Jaffa for just 23-25$ per screen.

American Colony

These tours already attract a great attention, and we plan to expand them soon even further, to cover fascinating areas in the White City Tel Aviv and other great locations. We also plan to bring you to some of the best Tel Aviv markets, as well, in the nearest future. Just follow us at our site to see and enjoy more!

Old Jaffa Sea View

Tel Aviv people

Tel Aviv

There are also other highly attractive virtual tours conducted by our partner "Amazing Jerusalem"which are not live but are also fully interactive meetings, guided by the local tour guides who make this experience educational and fun while you can take to participate actively (by asking questions etc.). These tours are conducted by the guides from their home locations and they are free of charge.

"Amazing Jerusalem" gives you an opportunity to enjoy virtual visit of several great locations around Israel. One of the most popular virtual tours on "Amazing Jerusalem" site is a Virtual tour of Jerusalem. On this tour you will experience Jerusalem’ Holy Sites while viewing panoramic moving photos, aerial images and drone pictures besides of unique lookout.

To summarize, COVID-19 has already changed our daily behavior drastically. Even without being locked at home, while the harshest restrictions are being slowly lifted, our ability (and, in most cases, even a wish) to travel is still very limited. And, obviously, you do not want to limit yourself just walking back and forward in the nearest park. Online virtual tours therefore give you a unique and very inexpensive (and sometimes even free) opportunity to visit the Holy Land. The whole idea of our tours is to keep active, enjoy the moment and not to let the Pandemic defeating us!

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