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There are over 50 public beaches spread along nearly 150 miles of Mediterranean coastline in Israel. Among the most famous and most popular are the beaches of Tel Aviv stretching along the whole Western edge of the city, from Jaffa in the South to Tel Aviv Port in the North.

May day at the Beach

Tel Aviv climate, mild and warm most parts of the year, is simply ideal for sunbathing and swimming. In all the summer months and also throughout the spring and fall, and even on sunny winter days, the Tel Aviv beaches are full of tourists and locals alike, all taking advantage of the sun-quenched sand, warm waters, water-sport opportunities and great safety.

Stormy Winter Day

Each of Tel Aviv’ beaches has a different character, popular with different people looking each for a different beach experience. For your sand-filled pleasure, you will definitely choose to spend your time feeling like a local and to sweat through an intense matkot session. Matkot ("rackets") is a popular Paddle Ball game in Israel, a bit similar to beach tennis. This easy and pleasant game is often referred to by the Israelis as their national beach sport.

People at the Beach

You may play some volleyball on the Gordon Beach wide sand strip, or just stretch and soak up the sun. You don't have to spend a shekel at these beaches – all beaches in Israel are public and free to use; they offer some fun in the sun at zero cost.

Mediterranean Sea

There are lots of small restaurants, bars and coffee shops along the beach. Here you can enjoy a widest choice of the Israeli food, which presents a unique blend of the Arab and Italian dishes. And indeed, nothing can be better than to wash your food down with the best of the Israeli and International bears.

And, for a change, just walk up the hill to visit the Historical Jaffa, a World Heritage Site. Or turn the corner, and you will find yourself in the middle of the famous Jaffa Flea Market.

Hear, at the future Tel Aviv beach, the first modern settlers coming from the State of Main in the US, disembarked and reassembled their wooden homes

Sea , sand and hotels - Tel Aviv coastline

To summarize, Tel Aviv is a great place to stay, and its beaches are the greatest place to relax. And to read more about Tel Aviv beaches, you are welcome to visit this site:

Views of Tel Aviv - Metropolis and resort together

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