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Tourism is coming back and we take our guests to the new interesting sites

We always do our utmost to give our guests the best impression of our great country. And so we add a new tour to celebrate the tourism coming back. This is a tour of the great city of Nablus at Samaria, once a capital of the Northern Jewish Kingdom, later a main city of the Samaritans, possibly one of the most mysterious nations. It was a prospering Roman city, and a seat of the Crusades queen Melisende and today Nablus is a bustling city in Palestine.

We conduct this tour together with our good friend and partner, Muhammad Said, who is a great specialist in the history and daily realities of Samaria.

Nablus today

We'll take our guests to Mount Gerizim, the Holiest Site for the Samaritans, where once stood their Temple. We shall visit the ancient Roman Sebastia, with its beautiful theater.

Mount Gerizim and the Samaritans

We shall see St. Mary church excavations - the oldest church in the world dedicated to the Mother of Jesus. We shall walk to the Abraham Well, which traces its history for almost 4,000 years. Here, according to the Gospels, Jesus met the Samaritan woman.

Abraham Well

Ancient Sebastia

And surely, we'll take our guests to the famous Nablus market, to enjoy its colors and smells and to taste famous local food.

Nablus Suk (Market)

To see more, please follow this tour link.


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