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Two thousand years ago Zippori (Sepphoris as it used to be called) was a cosmopolitan city of over 90,000 people living there. Here, 1,800 years ago, the famous Jewish Scholar Rabbi Yehuda Ha-Nasi ("The Prince") combined a book of the Jewish oral tradition "The Mishnah" which laid a basis to the Talmud. Those were the very different times when the most religious Jewish scholars were not afraid to enjoy the Roman Art and even to build their own houses and synagogues decorated by the beautiful Roman-style mosaics. These were old times, but today we might learn a lot how to harmonically combine faith with art, religious zeal with the esthetic matters, strict follow of the Jewish law with the liberal openness. And this is how, Ancient Zippori, a birth-place of the Modern times Jewish orthodox tradition, has turned into a Gem of the Judeo-Roman art which attracts people from all over the world.

Beautiful nature around Zippori

Roman Mosaics in the villa which is believed to belong to the Rabbi Yehuda Ha-Nasi

Flowers carpets in and around Zippori

The Tomb of the Rabbi Yehuda Ha-Nasia, the grandson of the Rabbi Yehuda Ha-Nasi,

end of the 3rd Century AC

Paradise of the Spring-time Nature

Zippori Synagogue, the 5th CAD - no one was afraid of the Roman Art and Symbolism

Our group - tired but happy

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